New and improved MyWeb coming tomorrow

Exciting updates are coming for the MyWeb self-service portal.

Here are the key improvements you will see tomorrow:

    • The dashboard summarizes key information for registrants, eliminating the need to move from page to page to get the “big picture.”
    • My Messages is where you will find communications from RECO pertaining to insurance payment deadlines and registration applications. If you have problems with your email account, you’ll still have access to messages from RECO in one convenient place.
    • Check all outstanding payments, including insurance payments, at any time.
    • Increased brokerage features for Brokers of Record, allowing them to view open brokerage applications and track their status.
    • Bulk insurance payments for Brokers of Record. They’ll be able to pay insurance for one, several or all of their employees for the next Insurance renewal period.

As part of the launch process, MyWeb will be down from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow.

The new MyWeb is designed to meet RECO’s needs in the future. It will have more flexibility, and be better able to handle the increasing volumes of new users to the system.

We’ve created helpful resource to help registrants navigate the new MyWeb. Check out the video tour.

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