Keeping your appointments is basic professional courtesy

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) has been receiving complaints about registrants who don’t show up for viewing appointments. Sometimes plans change, often because your buyer client can’t make the appointment. But it’s critical to contact the seller’s rep to let them know about it. When the viewing doesn’t happen, the seller is often upset.

Under Section 3 of the Code of Ethics, it is up to you to treat everyone you deal with in the course of a trade with fairness, honesty and integrity. Failing to appear for a showing appointment affects not only the seller’s rep, but the sellers who likely took the time to prepare the home and vacate the property to accommodate your buyer. That type of conduct could lead to a complaint. If the behaviour continues, it could lead to disciplinary action.

The way you interact and operate with others in your daily work reflects your level of professionalism. It’s important to demonstrate the same respect and professionalism toward clients and other registrants as you would expect from them.

Registrants who demonstrate professional courtesy help maintain a culture of mutual respect. That makes the real estate sector a better place for everyone to work in.

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