Are you receiving every email RECO sends you? Check your spam folder.

In recent weeks, some registrants have informed RECO staff they have missed important notifications from RECO because certain emails were mistakenly sent to “spam” folders. Registrants with email addresses are especially at risk.

As the regulator of real estate salespeople, brokers and brokerages, RECO regularly communicates with its registrants for many reasons. Email notifications are critical for keeping registrants up to date on their education, registration, insurance and regulatory compliance requirements, and to communicate with registrants regarding inspections and disciplinary matters.

RECO is working with Google and other email providers to address this issue. In the meantime, RECO asks you to do a few things:

    • Check your spam folder just to be sure RECO emails haven’t been redirected; and
    • Advise your colleagues to check their spam folders if they haven’t.

Should you find an email from RECO in your spam folder, open the email and use the “Report not spam” command. You should also create a filter for in Gmail and select the “Never send it to Spam” option.

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