6 common questions we receive from registrants

With over 80,000 registrants in Ontario, RECO handles a lot of inquiries. Here are six of the most common questions we receive.


1. Where can I print my RECO certificate? Mine is damaged/lost and I need a new copy.

You can send an email to registration@reco.on.ca to have a copy of your certificate reprinted and sent to your brokerage office. Alternatively, you can download the MyRECO certificate app and have a live real-time certificate available on your mobile device. To learn more, visit this webpage.


2. Can you please approve my advertising?  Or could you review my website for me and tell me if it’s compliant?

If a registrant thinks there may be a compliance issue with an advertisement, they must first run it by their broker of record. If the broker of record is unsure, then they can send it to RECO. RECO will then review the ad and send back a checklist, showing where there may be a mistake. The registrant can then correct the mistake and issue the compliant advertisement. More detail on these steps may be found here.

Although RECO is happy to provide its advertising review service to registrants, due to limited resources, we limit reviews to individual items. We neither review nor approve entire websites or multimedia advertising campaigns.


3. Can I park my licence?

The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA) does not address the concept of parking a registration. An individual is either registered to trade in real estate, or they are not. You have two options if you don’t plan to trade for an extended period of time. Learn about them here.


4. Where can I find the date my registration is due?

When you log into MyWeb, you can view details of your registration by looking at your profile. Visit MyWeb today.


5. Can my assistant host an open house for me?

No. Unregistered persons are prohibited from partaking in any activity that falls into the category of a “trade.” Trading activities would include, but are not limited to, hosting open houses, phone solicitation, showing properties, and being a participant at an offer or listing presentation. For more information, visit this webpage.


6. Can I pay an unregistered person a referral fee?

No. Paying referral fees to an unregistered third party is not permitted under REBBA. To learn more about paying and receiving referral fees, read our Registrar’s Bulletin.

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