RECO unveils new courses on advertising compliance and residential condominiums

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) continues to expand the number of Mandatory Continuing Education courses available to registrants, with two new courses now available.

There are now nine electives available to registrants. In order to meet the mandatory continuing education requirements, registrants are required to complete either the residential or commercial update course plus two additional electives, for $44 every two years.

“Mandatory continuing education is essential for providing brokers and salespersons with up-to-date knowledge of the real estate sector.” says Registrar Joseph Richer. “We are always working on new electives to help our registrants expand their horizons.”

The Advertising Compliance course covers the advertising requirements under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA 2002). Students will be taken through a series of compliance challenges and scenarios, and practice what they’ve learned by building a series of compliant ads.

The Residential Condominiums course explores the fundamental characteristics of new, resale and rental condos. It is designed to help registrants remain compliant and protect consumers when conducting condo transactions. Students can explore:

    • Residential condominium fundamentals;
    • Obligations of condo ownerships;
    • Challenges related to resale condo transactions;
    • Pre-construction condo transactions;
    • Pre-construction resale condo assignment agreements; and
    • Challenges, prohibitions and restrictions related to rental condominiums.

To check out the new courses, log in to MyWeb.

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