Raising education standards for Ontario’s real estate professionals

Raising education standards for Ontario’s real estate professionals

The Real Estate Council of Ontario sets the education standards for real estate salespeople and brokers in the province for both Registration Education, for those entering the industry, and Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE), for those who are already in the industry. In 2012, we began a comprehensive initiative to raise education standards. Here is what we have done to date.

RECO Education Standards Timeline


  1. Existing Registrants should also be doing a bridge course. On everyday basis I see a-lot of Registrants not well equipped to carry out their daily duties. In this business we make very good money and I believe more and more training is essential on monthly basis. We need more training even the ones who have been in the industry for many years.
    I personally believe we should have a degree program for real estate where we study all aspects of real estate then get to work in this industry . I know all of the agent will hate what I am saying and probably disagree as well.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Registrants are required to meet their Mandatory Continuing Education requirements before they can renew or reinstate their registration. Beyond this, RECO encourages registrants to enhance their knowledge throughout their careers. Taking additional courses beyond what is required allows registrants to build on their skillset and improve their service to clients.

  2. I have been licensed since 1980 & I am shock at how some agents are clueless to how to do a proper offer. Within the last month had an agent present me with an offer on one of my listings with Three conditions, the financing clause giving the Buyer until the exact same day of Closing to get financing, The title search had a date for two days after acceptance of the offer and prior to removal of all Conditions giving the lawyer two days to check title. There were numerous other mistakes in dates, buyers names spelled wrong that had to be changed etc. I even had to remind him of the home inspection date and that he only had two days left to book and do the inspection? He seemed shock and told me not to worry No big deal??The 801 form was filled out wrong Buyer signed in the wrong place ! He didn’t seem to care about getting me paperwork and thought I was being picky & paranoid! Not only did I have to do my job but had to do his as well and watch him closely. Very scary.
    This is not an isolated case, I personally have seen many examples of Newer agents being very nonchalant about details on an offer re: timelines, signatures missing,not having the clients sign saying they received a copy of the final offer etc that could get them in real trouble so I totally agree that more training is needed. They don’t seem to realize that the “Buck stops at them” They are suppose to be the professional in this situation, that is why they are hired to do their job, not just sell or list a home but to protect their clients in the transaction and have it done in a professional manner leaving no loopholes in which one of the buyers/Sellers are left hanging and in court!

  3. I am so pleased to see the implementation of classroom education. It is so beneficial for the new upcoming registrant. The interaction between student and instructor and other students is immeasurable. Yes, (49 years licensed) I come from the generation of having to know, and write the offer to purchase and clauses from memory. This privilege helps when confronted with a difficult situation where one has to create a clause that is beneficial to both parties and not from a drop down menu. It’s a challenge correcting clauses presented by registrants that have no clue what they mean!

  4. Hello
    I am very new to the program, in fact have not started yet. I am confused as to which courses are required for the “basic licence”, or is that a past process?

    are both the commercial and residential course required? or is one option depending on area of interest?

    Please explain. thanks

    1. Hi Georging – please reach out to the OREA Real Estate College and they will assist.

  5. Needs to be a 3 year course at least. Tons to learn and too many in the industry.
    Those of us already practicing should be grandfathered with no changes.

    1. Hi Lois – Existing registrants will not be affected by the new Registration Education program, launching in 2019.

  6. 30 years ago we had to hand write offer’s with clauses before obtaining a license. I can still do it. Every licensee should without a computer screen or a book be capable of writing an agreement of purchase and sale from memory. I hope the new changes help licensee’s have a greater indebted knowledge of the clauses and the standard clauses used when cherry picking clause’s in webforms in the day to day operation of their business. At the very least licensee’s should understand the components of a condition
    (Who, What, When, Who pays). I am tired correcting other licensees poor efforts at drafting bad offers, When challenged they don’t understand the conflicts caused by changes made to the clauses etc.
    I am optimistic the new changes will improve the ability of licensees. Good for consumers and the industry.

  7. I find the orange background and the white printing in the 2018 section very hard to read…and yes I am a 30+ member of ORE.

    1. Hi Lynn – Thank you for your feedback. Please check back as we are working on another image so that the post will be easier to read.

    1. Hi Gail – In 2019 RECO’s new Registration Education program will launch, and this will not affect existing registrants’ renewal requirements.

  8. Really wish we could get back to live classroom sessions where we could interact with the Instructor and fellow students!
    Sitting at a computer for hours to complete a “course” just isn’t interesting or provide a great learning experience!

    1. Hi Gary – Thank you for your comment. We’ve heard strong support for some form of an in-person learning option, and during our upcoming Mandatory Continuing Education review, we’ll look into the matter in more detail and consider possible plans for implementation.

  9. I look forward to a more prepared registrant entering the industry. I feel that the education of the past, left registrants unprepared to enter the industry. Registrants who joined Brokerages who did not complete the training were left trying to figure things out on their own. Registrants who joined Brokerages who did continue their training, had to spend unnecessary time continuing their education while attempting to earn a living.

  10. Busy realtors working hard full time to give best services to their clients, don’t have enough time to attend the sessions / theory exams.
    Their knowledge could be expanded / updated with reading/watching the relevant subject in their free time.

    1. Hi Selina – The in-person sessions and theory exams will be part of our new Registration Education program, launching in 2019. Aspiring and future real estate salespeople and brokers will be enrolled in this program, not existing registrants.

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