New Real Estate Education Programs FAQ

Have a question about the new Real Estate Education Programs? Check out Humber College’s FAQ

Starting in 2019, Humber College will be the new provider of real estate education in Ontario. The cutting-edge programs are accredited by RECO and will be offered online and in locations across the province.

More information about the program, including courses and the interactive and engaging learning experience, will be shared in the months to come. But if you have questions about registration with Humber, the program structure and course and transfer credits, visit Humber’s FAQ about the Real Estate Education Programs.


  1. Hi , i am jawad alam. I am interested in getting admission in humber college. As humber was about to start admission in july when humber is planing to start admission in july.that i may apply for it. Please let me know . Am waiting for your kind response . Thanks and regards

    1. The length of time it will take to complete the pre-registration phase of the Real Estate Salesperson program will be, in many ways, directed by the learner. eLearning courses are self-paced, and learners will select the optional in-class facilitated review sessions and mandatory examinations and simulation sessions from scheduled sessions that best meet their needs. We are still assessing the average completion times, however we anticipate that the shortest path to program completion, for a learner who does not choose any optional components, will be at least six months. For more information, see the learning path on Humber’s Real Estate Programs website.

  2. Hey,
    I do not have a secondary education and wanted to register for the real estate program – what do I need to do?

    1. To qualify for admission into the Real Estate Salesperson Program, an applicant must hold a Canadian secondary school diploma or GED certificate, or an acceptable equivalent credential. When registration opens, a list of equivalent credentials will be posted on Humber’s Real Estate Programs website.

  3. Hi I was just wondering if I do decide to do real estate, how long will it take at Humber college if I do it full time?

    1. The length of time it will take to complete the pre-registration phase of the Real Estate Salesperson program will be, in many ways, directed by the learner. eLearning courses are self-paced, and learners will select the optional in-class facilitated review sessions and mandatory examinations and simulation sessions from scheduled sessions that best meet their needs. We are still assessing the average completion times, however we anticipate that the shortest path to program completion, for a learner who does not choose any optional components, will be at least 6 months.

  4. I just signed up for phase 1 and i have no guide as in where to go, or what to do. Please help me. I cant find my way back to my e text book.

  5. Hi, I’m an international student, just wondering if I am eligible for this program. If so, do I have to have PR/candian citizenship to obtain the salesperson license after finish the program?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Luke. Humber will accept international learners for the Real Estate Education Programs. You will still need to apply and meet all the admission requirements, which will be available on Humber’s website ( before registration opens. Any transcript, diploma or certificate (from a country other than Canada or the United States) submitted to meet admission requirements would have to be assessed at an Ontario Secondary School Diploma level by a recognized assessment service, such as World Education Services (WES). The cost of the program will be the same for domestic and international learners, as there is no provincial funding associated with it. Information about program costs will be available at registration. You would need to be eligible to work in Canada to be eligible to register with RECO following the successful completion of the Real Estate Salesperson Program.

  6. I am taking the courses online through OREA. Do you offer exceptions to the due date of the OREA ore registration segment? I had a family emergency and could really use a godsend.

    1. Hi Matthew. We’re unsure whether an extension would apply to your situation (e.g. an exceptional family circumstance, such as a family emergency). Extensions are provided to students by OREA are not a requirement of REBBA and not regulated by RECO.

      That being said, OREA may provide qualifying students an extension to complete the requirements of the Pre-Registration Segment based on medically documented illnesses and/or disabilities. There may be an application, medical documentation and verification required. If this applies to you, OREA will be able to provide you with the necessary information and instructions.

      Please contact OREA for further information.

  7. Hello I am considering getting my license and I was wondering at what point would I be able to begin selling? Do I need to complete all the courses before I can sell a home?
    Also is there a way to be subsidized for the course as I am a single father aged 57 and I am still working while studying?
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Robert. The maximum length of time to complete the new Real Estate Salesperson Program is being finalized, but program completion time for pre-registration will be at least two years. After successful completion of its pre-registration phase, a learner may be eligible to register with RECO. Learners will complete the post-registration segment within their first two year registration cycle. The program is not eligible for OSAP as it does not receive any direct provincial funding. Program costs will be confirmed when Humber’s course calendar is released later this year.

  8. How and where do I begin to apply for these courses. I have been having trouble navigating the internet for answers, as I would like to get started on my courses

    1. Hi Ally – The Real Estate Salesperson course is only offered online. Living in the Humber College residents is not an option because the program is not a full-time diploma course.

  9. Hey, how many courses do you need to complete in total with OREA for the real estate license? Do you know the total cost for the courses in total including obtaining the license?

    My cousin said he paid overall 10k but on their website it says $3,600?

  10. Hello,

    If I do all the courses with OREA, will I be able to do the articling class through Humber? If it came to that.

    Also was curious, do you have to register with RECO 12 months after you start the pre-registration classes or 12 months after you finish them?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jay – If you begin your training at the OREA Real Estate College, then you must complete all your courses and examinations with OREA. The OREA College is accepting enrollments until April 30, 2019 and you will have until November 28, 2020 to complete the program. You will have 12 months to register with RECO following the completion of courses.

  11. Hi,

    Just wondering about the length of time to complete the program with Humber College. I understand that it is 18 months to complete with OREA. Will it be the same with Humber, or is this a three/four year program, like any other standard post-secondary program?


    1. Hi Victoria – Thanks for your question. The maximum length of time to complete the new Real Estate Salesperson Program is being finalized, but it will be at least two years. More information will be shared on this site as it becomes available.

  12. Hi, I want to get my license so I don’t have to pay an agent a commission when I sell my 3 condos. Do you recommend I do this via OREA or the new Humber program?

    1. Hi Simon – the decision on which program to take largely depends on your preferred timeline for entering the real estate industry. If you want to get started sooner, the OREA Real Estate College will continue to accept your registration for the Salesperson Registration Education program until April 30, 2019. If you decide to begin your training at the OREA Real Estate College, then you will need to complete all your courses and examinations with OREA before November 28, 2020.

  13. Hi! Do we already know is the set up for the course will be as OREA in regards of only 2 chances to pass a test if not you will have to start from cero? I always thought that was not really fair as per if you had to pay a fine and the course fees of the one you have failed and move forward sounded more appropriate due to the time invested…. I hope this part is different.. I from my side wouldn’t mind to pay all fees related but be able to move forward than sending you back to the start point when you can re study the points/ course that you are actually stocked and learn more other than study the ones you have passed.. I believe OREA needed revenue and this was a way to get the full fees all over again??? however I am sure students wouldn’t mind to pay fees but move forward from the course you are failing… thank you for you update and looking forward to hear from you.. I am asking this because I did the course and failed my last test!!! Very dessapointed after all that time and heart invested….so I signed up again and stated the real state as a professional but I am not sure if I will continue with OREA because I don’t like the fact they don’t respect the courses you have passed and they send you back to cero… I may just loose that time and $$ and wait for the new courses hoping the are better in regards of support/ material clarity and the exams protocols.
    Thank you again and looking forward to hear what is next for us.

    1. Hi Katherina – Thanks for your questions. With respect to the new program delivered by Humber, there will be examinations and there will be a set number of attempts permitted by learners. The purpose of the examinations is to enable learners to demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge from each course required to be registered to trade in real estate. This supports RECO’s consumer protection mandate. Please also note that the fee charged for rewriting an examination is not a fine in any way but rather an administrative fee levied by the college to cover costs associated with delivering the exam. Examinations are typical for programs of this nature, as is limiting the number of attempts before requiring a course be retaken.

      It is worth noting that the structure of the new program also has multiple avenues to support its learners with coaching and feedback from expert facilitators. Learners will practice important elements of a transaction in mandatory in-person simulation sessions and, can choose to augment their individual eLearning by enrolling in optional in-person or virtual facilitated review sessions.

      Specific details about examinations and other policies will be available on Humber’s program website closer to launch. Please be sure to check back frequently.

  14. Hi

    Wondering if Humber College will be posting courses/fees for the Real Estate License in March or anytime soon?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hello Melissa: Thank you for reaching out. The specific course fees are being finalized. Please keep checking this website as details will be published once they are available.

  15. I have taken the first real estate course with orea, but I don’t think I will be able to finish all 7 courses befor November 20, 2020. Will humber college excapt the course taken from orea(course transfer or exemptions)? Or Should I wait and take the rest of the courses from humber?

    1. Hello Katie: Thanks for your question. If you have started the program with the OREA Real Estate College, we encourage you to finish with them. OREA will continue running the courses until November 28, 2020, so there is still a significant amount of time available to complete the courses. Many of OREA’s courses are now available online, allowing you to complete them at your own pace.

  16. How many courses need to be completed with then new Humber program? Is it similar to what OREA offered or will there be additional classes. If so what is the average time for the program to be completed. Would like to find out what the difference between the two are as I cannot find much information on the Humber site at the moment.

    1. Hi Sarah – Thanks for the question. More information about the Humber course will be released over the next two months. Please check back soon for more information.

  17. Hi,
    I am not so familiar with this course.

    but want to do this real estate course. can you please guide me and give me more details.

    thanks in advance,
    Priyanka Desai

    1. For more information about real estate education, please contact RECO by phone at 416-207-4800. We would be glad to answer any questions you have.

  18. Hello,

    I just registered for the salesperson pre-registration course from OREA real estate college. However, my main interest is the broker course. I understand that the pre-registration segment is required; but, my main concern is that I only have until April 30, 2019 to complete 7 courses, and then register for the broker course.
    That being said, if I complete all the courses for the pre-registration segment (6 courses), on top of the extra elective, but do not register for the broker course prior to April 30, 2019, will I be able to apply for the broker’s course with Humber college in December 2020? Or will have I to complete, again, the pre-registration segment?

    Thank you,


    1. You may complete your pre-registration education at the OREA Real Estate College, and then register for the broker education course with NIIT/Humber. You would not need to take pre-registration education again.

      However, it’s important to note that once you complete broker education, in order to register as a broker you must have been employed as a salesperson for at least 24 of the 36 months preceding your application date.

  19. Hi there,

    Do you have any courses geared towards RE assistants that would not carry a license but would be still very valuable to an agent. I am looking at becoming a real estate assist in my area and take a course of anything that would help me .

    1. Hello Helen – Thanks for reaching out to us. RECO doesn’t offer courses geared directly to individuals who would like to become real estate assistants, but there may be other institutions that would be helpful. You may want to take a look at the course offerings at a local college, as there could be courses that align with the type of work you will be doing. Your local real estate board may also know of local courses being offered that could be beneficial to you.

  20. Hi, I was wondering if there are any exemptions specifically for graduates from an accredited University that majored in Real Estate Studies? For instance, if someone has a Bachelor of Commerce in Real Estate Management from Ryerson University and was interested in obtaining his or her Real Estate Licence after graduation, how would the process look like? Would someone be able to verify exactly?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi John – RECO does have an equivalency process in place, where you can submit a request for exemption from courses and/or examinations. Through the Educational Equivalency Assessment process, exceptions to the registration educational courses are granted when applicants can demonstrate that they have achieved proficiency in the skills and knowledge presented in course materials, either through challenging examinations, or sufficient commensurate education or work experience. Each equivalency request is considered on its own merits. You can find the details of what you would need to submit at this link:

  21. My daughter want to get a Real Estate License soon but she asking me if she would take the course in Ryerson or not for be a Real Estate License.

    1. Hi Anna – Thank you for your question. If your daughter would like to become registered soon, she can take her Registration Education requirements through the Ontario Real Estate College. They are accepting enrollments until April 30, 2019 and she would need to complete the program by November 28, 2020. More information can be found here:

      A new Registration Education program will launch with Humber College later in 2019, so that would be the path if your daughter waited until after the April 30, 2019 admission cut-off for the Ontario Real Estate College.

    1. Hi Cynthia – Thank you for your question. It’s great that you have found past courses to be of value and that the information is helpful from a reference perspective.

      The way the MCE program is currently set-up allows you to access course material up until your registration renewal. At that point, course completions are archived, and you begin a new MCE cycle where your education requirements are refreshed.

      When the MCE program was developed, it followed the same structure as the previous CE program where registrants could repeat taking a specific course in a future registration cycle. This is something registrants had communicated a desire for as part of the initial MCE review process.

      RECO is in the process of conducting a review of the MCE program and an important part of that process will be to consider enhancements going forward. The ability to maintain access to historical course completions will be tabled as part of that review process. RECO is also in the process of building a Knowledge Management System, which is an online database, where registrants will have the ability to search content and access support tools such as job aids, checklists and guides. We will be sharing more on this in 2019.

      Thank you for your feedback as we continue to enhance the MCE program.

  22. I am convinced that I saw in one of your recent communications an application to Humber regarding being a Facilitator/Instructor for the new education program. I cannot find it now. I was hoping that somebody from RECO can direct me to which communication I saw it in.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Susan – thank you for your inquiry. RECO has not posted any communication regarding the new registration education program’s facilitators or instructors. Please reach out to Humber College directly ( and a representative will be happy to assist and provide you with information.

  23. Hi
    I already complete both mandatory and elective courses but still not updated in my profile
    so pls let me know how could i can pay my dues for registration for 2018-19
    pls advise

    1. Hi Ajay – Thanks for reaching out. A representative from RECO’s Education department is looking into your question and will reach out to you directly via email.

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