More frequently asked questions

Will my real estate salesperson or their employer be notified of the complaint I made?

The subject(s) of your complaint and their brokerage will be notified that a complaint has been made and, in most cases, they will be provided with a copy of the complaint form and accompanying material. They will then be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations made in your complaint.

How long will the complaints process take?

There is no set time period for the complaints process. The steps taken to review your complaint will vary depending on the nature of the complaint and the information available to RECO. Because each complaint is unique, there may be a variety of factors that affect how quickly a complaint will be processed. However, it is RECO’s intention to deal with all complaints in a timely manner.

Will I be told the outcome of my complaint?

Yes; regardless of the outcome you will be advised of the decision.

RECO recommends that you do NOT postpone civil proceedings during the complaints process.

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