The day-to-day management of RECO is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with the policies and budget established by the Board of Directors. The powers and duties imposed under the Act are carried out by the Registrar. The management team and staff support the delivery of programs and services for consumers and registrants. To reach RECO, visit the Contact page.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Michael Beard

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sandra Gibney

Director, Strategic Initiatives & Stakeholder Relations

Andria Cordovez Mulet

Manager, Office of the CEO/Executive Assistant


Joseph Richer


Kelvin Kucey

Deputy Registrar, Regulatory Compliance

Brian Prendergast

Manager, Inspections & Investigations

Lisa Key

Director, Education

Lisa Wall

Manager, Education

Angela Volpe

Manager, Registration

Glen Thomas

Manager, Complaints, Compliance & Discipline

Corporate Services

Mike Prime

Vice President, Corporate Services (interim)

Gloria Fougere

Director, Finance and Accounting

Ruth Garrett

Director, Insurance Programs

James Geuzebroek

Director, Communications

Sylvia Mauti

Director, Human Resources and Administration

Adam Freyseng

Director, Client Services

David Rounthwaite

Director, Legal Services (interim)

Tim Bates

Manager, Accounting

Vasko Markovski

Manager, Application Development

Raquel Smith

Manager, Discipline and Appeals Hearings

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