Audit & Risk Committee

The purpose of the Audit & Risk Committee is to assist the Board in meeting its fiduciary and governance responsibilities with respect to financial oversight and risk management.

Chair and Membership

The Audit and Risk Committee consist of a Chair and at least two other directors who have some knowledge and expertise in financial administration. Members of the Audit & Risk Committee cannot serve on the Finance Committee. The Committee may recommend the appointment of non-directors to the Committee.


Ashwani Bhardwaj
Frank Dattilo
Tony Ma
TBD, Non-Director/Registrant
Jody Lavoie, Ex-officio

Staff Participation:
Michael Beard, CEO
Logan Atkinson, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Mike Prime, Vice President, Corporate Services (interim)
Gloria Fougere, Director, Finance and Accounting
Tim Bates, Manager, Accounting
Andria Cordovez Mulet, Manager, Board Operations

Duties, Functions or Responsibilities

    • To liaise with the auditor prior to the audit
    • To review the auditor’s management letter and audit report
    • To meet with the auditor at the conclusion of the audit to review the management letter, audit report and the financial statements
    • To make recommendations to the Board of Directors related to the acceptance of the auditor’s report and the financial statements
    • In consultation with staff, to evaluate the performance of the auditors
    • To recommend the appointment of the auditors to the Board of Directors
    • Periodically, to coordinate the tendering of the audit and recommend the selection of the auditor to the Board of Directors
    • To monitor, review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors related to risk management and risk policies and practices

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